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Presentation plague for a geologist retiring after 28 years with the one company, a rarity.


Just a fun exercise, making a dodecahedron in one glue-up and turning into a ball.


Double-donuts, fun pieces, mainly to perplex people about how they are done.


Just hanging around.
Sort of a mobile, at times has been an exercise in frustration.
Jarrah stand fiddlewood and jarrah whatsit, holly paduak and purpleheart highlights.
Stands 45cm high.


An attempt at a guitar, reasonably good tone, lacks finish.
Solely from WA hardwoods.

Mobile work trolley of goods and chattels for a period when without shed to work in. Became a garden work bench.

Just another fun piece made from bits left over from donuts.


Homemade bandsaw which can also be converted to a bandmill, only parts bought were the blade and motor initially. The hardwood bearings on shafts were replaced with roller bearings after about 6 months.

The boss wanted a cutting board.


Antipasto boards for sale, nominally 55cmx20cm.
With or without sauce bowls, matching cheese knife.

Cheese and grapefruit knives.


Known as rocket lauchers, used by geologists to assist in taking measurements from drill core using compasses, needs to be non-magnetic, made of wood and brass.  


Clock and thermometer mounted in mallee root burl.


Another bit of a whatsit, segmented amphorae style vase in carved and turned cleland blackbutt holder, you classify.
19cm high.


Wooden seashell, oregon pine, to amuse/bemuse the granddaughters.


As the sign says.

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