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Plain Bowls

White Cypress or Turpentine Pine bowl.

Jacaranda bowl.

Salmon Gum bowl.

Mallee Root, 2 bowls joined on top of each other to form base and bowl.

Red Morrell bowl.

Mallee Root bowl.

Camphor Laurel.
27.5cm dia, 7cm high.

Redcap Mallee or Illyarrie
E. erythrocorys

Cleland Blackbutt, the base of this tree had developed burl.

Salmon Gum Pedestal Bowl

Mallee Root burl

Mallee Root burl.

Mallee Root burl.

Neat little sheoak bowl with undercut edge.
15cm dia, 5cm high.

Square bowl, oak.
21cm dia, 3cm high.

Sort of plain bowl, with some natural edge, Mulberry burl.
30cm dia, 6cm high.

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