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Jarrah and fiddlewood.


Stave form vase of tassie oak mulga and figured jarrah for top.
30cm high.


Phoenix rising, jarrah and meranti with holly and osage highlights.
32cm high, 30cm dia, approx 11120 pieces.


Jarrah, tassie oak & mulga trying to do a feature ring using sawcut patterns.
36cm high, 16 dia, approx 396 pieces.


Unknown eucalypt and fiddlewood.
18cm high, 15cm dia, approx 240 pieces.


Western red cedar and jarrah.
Just trying things out.
74cm high, approx 320 pieces.

Jarrah, tassie oak, mulga.
Feature ring constructed separately and inserted.

Wandoo, purpleheart, mulga, maple.
23cm high, 20cm dia approx 1520 pieces


Marri, mulga, jarrah, tassie oak, maple, laminex strips.
29cm high, 26cm dia, approx 500 pieces.

Eagle pot, paduak, ebony, tassie oak, meranti.

Tassie oak, jarrah, mulga, osage orange, poplar.
Approx 4320 pieces.

Norfolk pine, trying to use the tendency of branches being at the same level.
Slightly spalted.

Jarrah, maple and purpleheart.


Recycled vase as didn't like the first attempt, second is still so-so.
Inserts done as discrete medalions that were emplaced and entire vase turned.

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